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What we do

Establish essentially effective cooperation between state structures, international organizations, authorized bodies in all directions and civil society, work  culture organization, public monitoring development, social mobilization, raise the social responsibility and develop voluntary activity to end TB;

Support, promotion  and implementation of people-centered models of treatment and care by involving all relevant parties, elimination of barriers and obstacles upon the use of the effective models for vulnerable groups of population;

Assist and advocate  for the interests of the citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan and provision of favorable conditions for removal of legal, social, psychological, cultural and other obstacles to access the quality medical and social services for vulnerable groups of population;

Assist in provision of training profession courses for people affected by TB;

Conduct entrepreneurial activity, organization of profit projects, the net profit of which will be transferred to the charity fund (under the Association) to support people and families affected by, people with TB/HIV and to  promote sustainable work of Support Group Volunteers of the Association;

Continuous analysis of issue and problems relating to population awareness on TB in the Republic of Tajikistan and region as well as the practice of developed countries and correction of strategies and activities based on best/good practices;

Produce audio, video and print materials and broadcast/publish through all media forms.

Conduct TB service monitoring using innovative technologies to ensure collection, analysis and presenting the information to NTP and other relevant decision-making bodies;

Conduct studies, participation in scientific analysis preparation, development and realization of national programs, strategies and plans in TB field;

Conduct other activities that correspond with the aims of Association and is not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan. The Association can implement the activities that need obtaining license for engaging to it, only from the time of taking such license.